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Download Weather APK For Android, APK File Named com.weatherforeseer.www And APP Developer Company Is Weather Foreseer . Latest Android APK Vesion Weather Is Weather Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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This app is a pure Weather Forecast and Clock Widget for Android OS. You will interact with the widget only and everything in the widget is clickable. It provides accurate report and near live data from the nearest station to you. This widget provides current temperature, PM 2.5 dust (3 days), UV index (3 days), temperature, fog, current condition, pressure, humidity, wind speed & direction for up to 10 days in 3 and 6 hours intervals. This widget shows alerts as icons on the right side of the widget. when you click on any icon, the timeframe for the alert will be projected inside the clock as a red and green rings. Red means PM and green means AM. When clicking on the clock, you will get more details. Clicking on each day on the bottom, will change the alerts icons for that day. You can click then on the alert icon to see the timeframe and click on the clock to get more details. When clicking on the background, you will get hourly data for up to 10 days. You will also see a map with the nearest 20 stations to your location. Click on any station to get detailed data like temperature, visibility, wind speed, sky condition, description, humidity and dew point. Features: - Hourly, Daily, and 10-Day weather, forecasts for wind, humidity, rain, thunderstorm, temperature, fog and pressure. - Accurate, reliable and detailed future data of local city with near live data (Metar Aviation). - live feed from the nearest station to your location with fail over capability. - Possible heat stroke prediction based on calculated Humidex index. - Hourly Ultraviolet index for three days based on your location, altitude, skin type and availability of a reflective surface like water or snow to provide accurate information for maximum sun exposure time to reduce sunburn, skin cancer, eyes and immune system damage. - hourly Air Quality Index (AQI) for up to three days(Aerosol PM 2.5 - dust pollution) with risk prevention recommendations. This feature will automatically work once AQI level change from safe to warning or none safe zone. - Wind Chill alert with a time frame for possible frostbite, hypothermia - Safety analysis to detect black ice formation, reduced visibility, snow drift, sand drift. - Automatic update intervals 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour,,,,24 hours - Detect if you need to take umbrella or not. - Alert for possible morning delay due to fog, snow, freezing rain and many other conditions. - Interaction with the widget to maximize your screen space. - Social media (Twitter) analysis for possible safety risk based on your geographical location - Transparency Widget control - Home Screen Widget 4x2, 3x2 and simple version 3x3 clock - Ability to use Wi-Fi only for updates - Ability to set and change temperature unit to Celsius or Fahrenheit from configuration menu and widget - City location detection by GPS or network - Analog clock Note: For LG Devices, please place the widget on your home screen otherwise it will not work. You cannot install the widget inside Foreseer App. For Sony devices, you would be able to install the widget only inside Foreseer App if you have Sony custom launcher. Users with Android version 4.03 to 4.1.3 (JELLY BEAN) will not be able to view the digital time at the moment. It will be available in the next update. Map Provider: MapQuest The widget is localized in the following languages: ‎العربية‎, 中文 (简体), Français, Deutsch, ‎Italiano, 한국어, Português (Brazil), русский, Español (Spain), Türkçe, 日本人 http:www.facebook.comWeatherForeseerApps http:twitter.comWeatherForeseer

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